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Remington 600 Replacement Parts

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The Trigger Guard

Trigger GuardSince the introduction of our replacement trigger guard in 1998, we have sold more than 800 and have had no returns due to defects in materials, workmanship or finish. We think the improvements you will see in accuracy alone justifies the cost of our trigger guards, not to mention increased value of your firearm.  We offer the following models to give you the "custom" look you may prefer.

By reverse engineering the Remington 600 Triggerguard, we have produced what was missing from the original design.

Trigger Guard Dealer Retail
Trigger GuardAluminum as Machined No Finish Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
Trigger GuardAluminum Black Matte Finish    
Trigger GuardWhite Steel as Machined No Finish    
Trigger GuardMatte Blue Finished Steel    
Trigger GuardMatte Stainless Steel    
Trigger GuardPolished and Blue Steel    

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Bolt Release Kit

Bolt ReleaseContinuing with the Remington 600 series rifles, another weakness presented itself. If you own one of these great rifles, you are aware of the difficulty in removing the bolt for clearing or cleaning an obstructed barrel.

We used the pattern of the Remington 700 Series bolt release to design the bolt release for the 600 and 660 Series rifles. We manufacture these from heat-treated Stainless Steel to give you years of trouble-free service Included with the bolt release are all required parts necessary for installation. An instruction sheet is also provided, or for a small fee you can enlist the aid of your favorite gunsmith.

Product Dealer Retail
Bolt Release Kit Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

Ventilated Rib

Ventilated RibAfter several requests from our customers - actually, they insisted - we decided to manufacture an aluminum replacement for the original plastic rib on the 600s. Again, quality was the main criteria before we would begin manufacturing a replacement.

Ventilated RibTwo models are available in black finish and one in plain steel that you can finish to your own requirements. All models use the existing screws, making installing a simple task.

Ventilated Rib Dealer Retail
Steel as Machined No Finish Call Call
Aluminum Black Anodized for for
Steel, Matte Blue Finish Pricing Pricing

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